sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

Bailando Por ahí

Juan Magan works within the urban genre producing, composing and singing works from Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggaeton and RnB to House, always with some variation urban and Latin sounds.

This time I leave a remix of his song "Bailando por ahí"  is a very summery song. Enjoy it.

Ladybug Greetings

Coming Soon Incubus

Any suggestions for the next days?

domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Sun is up

hey! I'm nipple cat. Tonight, I won't go to bed without pleasure to give you this hit.
This time, we 've a song for those who like the dance.

Inna says: Sun is up!!! 

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

My Ex- Girl, Chris Martin

In this blog we'll have all of kind of music, at least I'll try it. 
Today I've uploaded a Chris Martin's video. He is a Reggae singer and this song is called my ex girl. 

I hope you like this.